Beware of scams that happen every day on social media, not just to me, but particularly to me.

Recently, many of you have been sending me numerous reports of fake profiles on various social platforms impersonating the doctor, even asking for money to confirm or book consultations through the submission of photographic documentation or video calls.

This patient paid one hundred euros for an online consultation and then contacted Marta because they were waiting for confirmation.

Be careful because the doctor offers this type of service, but I am always the only one responsible for the booking.

In reality, they did not pay Marta.

So before proceeding with any money transfer, always make sure you are directly in contact with me.

Another patient was instructed to make a telematic payment via bank transfer to a Sparkasse bank in Duisburg, in the name of Britta Ludwig. It is obvious that this is not me.

You can only do this through my personal contact or the official email of Oculoplastica Bernardini.

This other patient reported a fake contact received from “me” that said, “Hi, how are you today?” Does it seem plausible that I would address someone like that? They even proposed that I would visit them with my team in Bari or offer a flight from Genoa to Bari, but the important thing was to pay upfront. Only my lovely and capable Marta handles the bookings, payments, advances, and everything necessary. Make direct contact with her, nothing else.

All our contacts can be found on the doctor’s pages, and I am available for any clarification or information on the matter.

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