Male: Miraculous Rejuvenation? The Eyelid Lift that Changes Everything!

Look at how one can change from this to this with a local anesthesia procedure and a golden touch. That’s the transformation I would want for myself if I could operate on myself. It’s a true eyelid lift procedure. Men are frustrated and annoyed by one thing and no, it’s not women; it’s the bags, skin laxity and sagging upper eyelids, contributing to aged appearance.

Especially for those like me who are approaching the age of fifty. There is a procedure that allows one to look fresh and young again. It is based on a combination of two techniques. The first is using the bags to fill the hollows of the under-eye area and improve the volumes between the eyelid and the cheek. The second is stretching and lifting the excess skin between the eyelid and the cheek. This is combined with the removal cautiously of excess upper eyelid skin from the upper eyelid.

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