Complete Transformation: Giusy’s 3D Endoscopic Lift – Before and After!

Today, we are working with three people in endoscopy. I am really happy for Giussi because she was no longer feeling good about herself. She couldn’t take a photo without glasses anymore. There is a little bit of excess skin here above. See this small bit here that weighs down. There is slight swelling below that is visible and a bit of hollowness here underneath, and then there’s this small wrinkle in the skin. And for the upper part here, we have a bit of sagging here.

Do we like it this way? This is the shape I would like to give to your eyebrows and give a nice lift here as well. Look a little… like this? And her? There is this issue with the tattooed eyebrow being a bit too strong that that we need to address, and there is a bit of asymmetry.

She felt that the aging signs were starting to show around her eyes, with the tissues sagging and damaged. To make matters worse, she had even undergone a small filler procedure under her eyes, which had only exacerbated the issue. The purpose of the endoscopic lift is to address these concerns: I will make an incision here, lift and tighten everything, pull this area here, and the result will be exactly like this. Then, we will tighten this particular section of skin so that this part here will be lifted up, and I won’t see this anymore. I will strive to do the best job possible. She went to such great lengths for the procedure that she even postponed her wedding. So, you’ve observed everything and you’re prepared. I’ve been studying this technique for six months now. You are fully equipped! You will see her as soon as she recovers, looking as sleek as a cat. It will give her that desired cat-eye effect which suits her well as her eye shape tends to droop slightly. Understand? This part here, and this part here. So, she wants this, this and this. So I go beyond, and there will be an exaggerated effect. But when you come out, the difference between a normal blepharoplasty and all the rest is imperceptible. On Monday, you can take a shower and go out with sunglasses.

Now, these are to see well up close, but today we are working in 3D in endoscopy. These aren’t sunglasses, but they’re similar to eyewear. They are 3D vision lenses that we will see projected over there. We have endoscopically lifted the entire forehead, temples, and cheeks. We have cleaned around the eyes with an upper and lower blepharoplasty along with the lift and dissolved the hyaluronic acid. Additionally, to compensate for the loss of volume, we performed a G point with her fat. Excuse me.

Good morning. Hi Giusy. Because I’ve already seen the photos. How are you?

No, apart from a bit of a headache this morning.

I had promised you a little bit of discomfort.

Did you see yourself?

I am really happy.

Even more so than you.

Now, I am incredibly happy for Giusy because she has already planned her wedding and is ready to take lots of photos because she feels beautiful.

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