Asymmetry in the shape of the eye

We transformed this young man’s face from a somewhat open and asymmetrical look to a fresh and masculine appearance.

Ever since I was little, I always noticed that there was something wrong with my left eye.

Specifically, the asymmetries caused by a ptosis of the upper eyelid

When people took pictures of me, it looked like I had almost a tired gaze. And I noticed that all of this depended on the left eye. Even though I tried, it was as if the upper eyelid wanted to close the eye.

You are a Doctor, aren’t you?


And an eye that’s too open and bulging with the white showing underneath.

The left eye is also slightly more bulging, and I want to resolve this as well.

Additionally, a bit of a problem underneath, with bags and dark circles. This colleague’s request was very specific.

And the dark circles, which I can’t stand.

So, the procedure consisted of three stages. First, lifting the drooping left eyelid, restoring symmetry and covering the eyelids in the same way. Below, lifting the corners with a canthopexy to cover the whites of the eyes. Finally, through a transconjunctival approach, using his own fat to fill the under-eye bags and dark circles.

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