Upper and lower blepharoplasty, and eyelid lift

In these cases, we have bags under the eyes, dark circles, and loose, excessive skin with many fine lines underneath. How do we intervene in these situations? Certainly, an upper blepharoplasty was conducted which involved the removal of skin including the spots and the axis. Underneath, there was prominent fat which was completely eliminated in this particular instance. Moving on to the lower eyelids, we utilize the internal transposition of the bag to address the problem of dark circles. We remove some of the excess fat, particularly around the nose area, in addition to transposing the majority of it to fill the void of the dark circles. This transposition technique involves placing the bag above and the dark circles below. But what about dealing with the excess skin and its looseness and wrinkles? This is where the Eyelid Lift procedure comes into play. Unlike a cantoplasty, it does not lift or reposition the corner of the eye. Instead, it aims at achieving a seamless transition between the eyelid and the cheek, thus improving the appearance of the bags under the eyes as well as the dark circles. It smoothens, stretches, and evens out, but the eye’s shape remains flawless, unchanged. It’s the type of surgery that improves without being noticeable, yet it’s there.

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