Lower Blepharoplasty for elderly lady

Change is there, but it is not noticeable. Enough.

The change is there, and it shows!

How happy we are

We are delighted!

Does anyone notice that we have done anything?


This lady had significant bulges beneath her lower eyelids and near the bridge of her nose on her upper eyelids. In addition to that, there was also sagging skin and a slight indentation underneath these bulges. I proceeded to remove the necessary bags, specifically the upper and side bags, and utilized the grease from the remaining bags. To reposition it and fill the gap that lies beneath. And the last touch, the management of excess skin. By tightening the skin of the eyelid, we can create a natural and seamless transition that improves the appearance of both the eyelid and cheek simultaneously during an eyelid lift procedure.

I only get compliments, like… You are beautiful, you are rejuvenated! Tell us what your secret is!

No one, no one!

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