Thyroid exophthalmos in young man

The sudden appearance of thyroid eyes transformed Michele’s look in a way that is no longer recognizable in the mirror but also extremely serious functional problems.

Count with me to understand how many interventions we have done for Michele in a single session. Bone decompression, fat decompression, we removed the fat behind the orbit, corrected upper and lower eyelid retraction, released the muscles that caused the retraction, corrected the white above the eye, a canthopexy to return the eyelid to its position, an upper blepharoplasty to manage the swelling of the upper eyelid, and a lower blepharoplasty to manage that of the lower eyelid.

Michele, the following month, is as he has always seen himself and feels good and fine and can close his eyes and look at himself in the mirror. Was it worth it? For me enormously, so Michele, I did my best for you.

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