Endoscopic lifting with blepharoplasty

Upper weight, lower bags, loss of volume, wrinkles and marks around the mouth. They caused an aging of the face and look of this beautiful girl. If we need to increase and open the look, it is often necessary to lift. In her case we raised the whole forehead, eyebrow, temple and cheek. This opened the eyes without the need for an upper blepharoplasty.

With an endoscopic lifting, the cuts are hidden behind the hair. No visible scarring on the face. Next to that, of course, a lower blepharoplasty where we use the fat from the bags to fill the void of the dark circles underneath.

Again, no cutting because we went by the internal transconjunctival route. To top it all off, volume restoration with the lady’s own fat.

This change is achieved without a visible scar on the face. Under local anesthesia with surgery of just over an hour and a duration of over ten to fifteen years.

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