Blepharoplasty for a fellow surgeon!

What bothers me the most is this sagging, the scleral show a little bit. The one I’ve always had. Eye lift. I mean, is this what you want? Perfect. This thing here. Then this slightly.
Hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid.

Central bags, medial bags, lateral bags. Scleral show. Voila. Ok. I like him because planning for him is critical. This is his mini pinch.

Dear my Francesco, I’m already in the operating wing. Very operational. I’m with God It seems like perfect stitches to me. Practically zero swelling, I can see very well. I’m very good, so I just wanted to bother you for a second to ask you to confirm: this dot below five days, so tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tell me if I’d have it removed on Wednesday. The dots above, however, if you confirm me, are a little overdrawn, I see them very little because they are made perfect.

If you confirm that I’m overhand, you’ve told me eight, ten days, on Sunday it is nine. If you agree, I would have Chicco remove them on Sunday, which is nine days. I tell you I didn’t even take cortisone, I didn’t have any swelling. This is the most swelling you see.

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