Let’s erase the tired look with the endoscopic facelift

Lorea came from France because she knew what she wanted. You could see the eyes closed, heavy, and the skin above the eyes and under the sunken eyes is a little heavy. Lorea’s story is particularly interesting because her twin sister, with the exact same problems, chose to have the operation before her in France by another surgeon who performed cuts to the front of visible hair and achieved little result. So Lorea, instead of following her sister’s footsteps, chose to come to Genoa. She came accompanied for the surgery by her mother and spent a week in Genoa to make sure that I followed her throughout the entire procedure. We chose an endoscopic facelift, hiding the scars behind the hairline to make them invisible. Lifting and opening the eyes, cleaning the upper eyelid, and correcting the emptying of the dark circles with her fat, with the G-Point Lift using her fat. No visible sign on the face, no distortions, no unnatural effects.

Very satisfied. Yes, I am very happy.

Is there a big difference? Show me how you would like to

Come on.

I know, I pull up as much as I can. Let’s hope so.

We do upper blepharoplasty, lipofilling, and also eyebrow lift. I always look very tired, kind of dull looking, and then my eyelids are very droopy, as well as my eyebrows.

One, two, three. Like this.


How are you doing?

All right, great. Okay.

Let’s clean up and fill with a little fat.


Lorea, you tell me, do you like it or not?

Yes, I like it.

I like it. I like it too.

Stitches in Lorea’s hair. Let’s go look so you can’t see them. Here they are, here they are. A little dot. Two little points here. Three little points here. These cuts will never be seen. Never. Lorea, do you remember? Is it always like this? Yes. Do you love the result?

No, I think it remained natural.


I like that.


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