Oculoplastic Or Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery or oculo-facial plastic surgery is a branch of ophthalmology dedicated to treating conditions that affect the eyelids, the lacrimal system, or the orbit.

To become an ultra-specialist in oculo-facial plastic surgery, an ophthalmologist must complete a 2-year clinical fellowship at a University level.

In my case, I was trained at the University of Cincinnati, and ever since, I continue to dedicate my professional life to the field of oculoplastic surgery.

The ultra-specialist has extensive experience in the field of this expertise. In surgery, expertise equals better results and fewer complications for the patients!!!

The oculoplastic surgeon knows the eye and can protect its function in all circumstances. So if you are looking for someone for aesthetic eyelid-facial surgery, functional eyelid surgery, orbital or lacrimal surgery, the oculofacial plastic surgeon is your specialist!

At Oculoplastics Bernardini, we have extensive international experience, multi-language knowledge (English and Spanish), a dedicated team, and a full range of surgical procedures to offer.

Our goal is to achieve natural results, avoid visible scars, and offer minimally invasive procedures.

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